“KIN+HEY”, or a fun dining experience inspired by a new dining and drinking culture in Thailand. At the heart of the “KIN+HEY” experience is a “Quick & Comfort Meal” that brings together quick and easy dining and tasty Thai comfort food served up in a relaxed setting. The food follows familiar home-made recipes that have been given a fun twist in Greyhound style.

Shop Design

The interior design illuminates the story of “jabkang” workers through the various design elements hidden in the restaurant like the use of unadorned construction materials. The metal work is intentionally left unpainted, exposing the welded joints and other things. Bottle cases have been remodeled as fun chairs. The indoor and outdoor dining areas blend harmoniously and separated by a wooden partition made of a row of vintage-style doors hinged together and evocative of a favorite shophouse eatery where most people enjoy dining every day.

Food Concept

Building on the ever popular concept of roadside dining as a source of energy for the working people, KIN+HEY by Greyhound Café has come into being. But the restaurant has taken the concept to a whole new level in the interests of convenience and food hygiene as befitting a leading shopping-mall restaurant. But the upgraded dining experience comes with affordable prices thanks to the absence of service charge just like a meal at a roadside food stall e.g. noodles, grill, rice, hot pot and, yes, a cold beer.

KIN+HEY by Greyhound Café is open for lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner until late. The restaurant is a great place for working people to come to unwind and get an energy boost so that they are prepped up for tackling problems in life and the daily grind of work as well as building the economy and the nation for tomorrow.

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